Shadow IT and Cybersecurity

Today companies face security threats from more fronts than ever before, among the most alarming are those that exist within the organisation.

As staff become ever more accustomed to working offsite with remote devices, while availing themselves of cheap or free cloud-based systems and applications, it’s becoming harder for IT managers to maintain proper security. This so-called shadow IT has become one of the key issues dominating conversations around cybersecurity today.

Of course, it’s a quid pro quo – the ability of your staff to communicate freely and access information wherever they are from any device or application creates powerful opportunities to develop more meaningful customer relationships.cyber_security

On the other hand, too much freedom and a loss of control over ‘endpoints’ can lead to those same customers turning away to a competitor at the first sniff their payments or other information may have been compromised.

Talk to Care IT today to start mapping out a security strategy that makes sense for your organisation and your customers, and avoid getting into the news for all the wrong reasons.


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