Virus Removal

Virus removal at Care IT is easy, Care IT are the experts in virus and spyware removal from your computers. We can also make sure you are full protected from future attacks and infections. Don’t wait, leaving viruses and spyware on you computer always results in more problems, security risks and a slower computer. Virus removal is easy, at Care IT.

Sure signs you have a virus
◾Slow, slow, slooow
The computer is running really slow
◾Annoying messages
You are getting pop up messages that look suspicious
◾Crash bang
Your programs are crashing or are not responsive
◾Internet problems
Odd messages showing. Requests for personal information. You get redirected to sites you didn’t intend to visit
◾Virus software problems
Your internet security software is not updating or enabled
◾Your files are suddenly encrypted by CryptoWall or CryptoLocker
With Ransomware such as CryptoLocker and CryptoWall, you may suddenly find your files, pictures, documents are all encrypted with prompts to pay up to unlock/decrypt the files. CareIT has solutions that can recover your files or even decrypt the files/data. Don’t be held to ransom and certainly do not follow the prompts to pay.

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