Data Recovery

Is your hard drive not starting, Care IT data recovery can get your data back,

Data loss can be a devastating experience. Business files, irreplaceable family photos, your portfolio or just your precious music collection.

When disaster strikes, all mData recoveryay not be lost. Speak to Care IT about Data Recovery on 03 9024 6394.

What can be recovered?

Most of the time, everything.

Unfortunately though, there is no guarantee. We have been recovering data for many years, from both home and business machines and have a great track record for success.

We can perform data recovery on computer hard drives, external hard drives, SSD, phones, NAS, tablets, digital camera memory sticks and even USB flash drives.

Equipment failure or even accidental deletion is recoverable in most cases. The key is how quickly you seek help.

Free Evaluation

Care IT provides free diagnosis and quotes for data recovery. Call us on 03 9024 6394 or email before it’s too late.

Need Backup advice?

We recommend you have both cloud and local backup up storage. Backing up your data  means that if something should ever happen, your data at least is safe. This should be standard practice with any  PC device (desktop, laptop, tablet, mobile, server). When your hard-drive does fail, you’ll be able to restore files in no time from one of your backups.

Cloud storage allows you to access your files any time, anywhere with any PC device, Call us on 03 9024 6394 or email to confirm your data is safe.