Anti-Spam Service

anti-spam service

Get protected in under a day with an Anti-Spam service that guards your business from viruses, malware and data theft; increasing bandwidth allocation and workplace productivity.

Simple and Seamless Spam Security

Stop the scourge of spam, keep your email online, improve productivity and detect risks early. With a zero on-site footprint, your business can be covered by Anti-Spam protection in hours.


Our hosted Anti-Spam technology applies smart machine learning to detect and destroy spam email before it reaches your network.

Email Archiving

Take advantage of an Anti-Spam service that queues emails when your mail server (such as Exchange) is unreachable; storing them until the server is back online.


Gain insight to identify risk and breaches. Report on inbound/outbound email traffic.

Anti-Spam can be included with a Managed IT Service with Care IT, also as a standalone solution.

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