Protect your business credentials with Dark Web Monitoring

The dark web is hidden from search engines where sensitive data is shared and sold. Our Dark Web monitoring service proactively scans the Dark Web and looks for your registered email addresses and domains. A report is provided to show the breach details. As new data breaches are discovered, our dark web monitoring will re-scan and keep you informed as to changes since the last report.

Hackers and criminals understand the value of your digital credentials and identity. They may use it to steal data from your company network for identity theft or financial gain.

Digital credentials connect you and your staff to your business applications and online services. Users often use the same password across multiple accounts such as computer log in, social media, online shopping accounts and more, greatly increasing your risk of compromise.  Unless you proactively monitor the Dark Web, you will not know until it’s too late.


Ensure you're always one step ahead of cyber criminals

24/7 Monitoring Around Clock

Our Dark Web monitoring service provides continual searching, monitoring and reporting of your business credentials on the Dark Web, 365 days of the year.

Threat Prediction

Our advanced Dark Web scanning platform provides visibility of industry patterns before they become trends and offers actionable intelligence to keep your business and users protected.

Extensive Logging & Reporting

Our logging and reporting capabilities allow us to track and triage incidents and create effective policies and procedures to minimise your risk in the future.

Real Time Alerts

Our monitoring is proactive, not reactive, hence any threats are alerted to KMT in real-time meaning we can act immediately to mitigate any risk or damage.

Comprehensive Data Mining

Our service monitors a vast range of sources including Botnets, criminal and black market sites, peer-to-peer networks, social media sites, forums, private networks, bulletin boards, chat rooms, malicious websites and more.

Protect Executives & Users

We can also monitor and protect your personal email accounts in conjunction with your business credentials as many users will access personal interests on work devices.


Safeguard your business from digital identity theft

Fast & easy set up

Our Managed Cyber Security service which includes Dark Web monitoring is fast and easy to set up.

Act quickly

Proactive monitoring of your business data alerts us when a threat is detected or your data or credential have been compromised so we can act immediately.

One Step ahead

Our tools and expertise allows us to see industry patterns long before they become trends. This means you will be ahead of the hackers and can keep you and your employees protected.

Protect customers & employees

Compromised credentials are used to conduct further criminal activity, such as financial fraud, identity theft of your customers and or employees or data breaches of corporate information.

Real time notification of breach

If credentials are stolen, it is unlikely you will know until its too late and the damage is done. It is reported that over 75% of credentials stolen are reported by a third party. A fast response minimises or averts financial and reputation damage.

Password theft is common

Staff often use work emails and passwords on third party websites as they often use the same username and passwords across many platforms such as online shopping, social media, online stores, banking and other services.

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